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UPVC Doors

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UPVC Doors


 If you believe first impressions count, then look no

 further than our superb residential door range. Made from

 reinforced PVC-U, our doors are robust, low maintenance

 and with high security features built in as standard.

 We have hundreds of stylish panel designs for you to choose

 from. Our doors are available in a range of colours and

 come with a choice of complementary hardware.

Composite Doors


 Our Composite Door range incorporates everything

 we’ve learnt about High Performance Doors ensuring that

 we can make it easier for you to buy a better door. Available

 in a choice of classic colours, with subtle or stunning

 contemporary glass designs. With it’s tough GRP skin,

 and the latest in high security hardware, the Composite

 door will give your home a level of protection that

 makes those inside feel safe and secure.

UPVC doors


 French and Patio doors are used extensively in

 conservatories, however they can be equally at home as a

 door from your house into your garden and can brighten up

 any dark room. Our class leading patio door is three times

 more effective in bad weather than otrher leading brands.

 Unique design ensures robust long-life weather performance.

 No other sliding patio comes close.
upvc bifold doors


 Bring the beauty of outdoors into your home with our superb

 range of bi-fold and Wave doors. This contemparary range of

 doors is designed to make any room feel bigger and to bring

 the garden into the home. Bi-fold and Wave doors look

 stunning from the outside too, offer maximum opening

 width with minimum intrusion, in a smooth sliding and

 folding action.